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This Day in Television History – August 13th, 2016 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s “28 Pranks Later” Airs

Rainbow Dash goes on a pranking spree, but soon finds herself in the middle of a scary situation.

“28 Pranks Later” is the 15th episode of the 6th season of the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Written by F.M. De Marco (with story by Meghan McCarthy), it first aired on Discovery Family on August 13th, 2016.

28 pranks later mlp

Courtesy: Hasbro / DHX Media

It’s a prank-a-palooza for Rainbow Dash, as she pulls pranks on her friends and others around Ponyville. So, they go to Pinkie Pie to help convince Rainbow to stop…just as Rainbow finds that Pinkie is sick and Ponyville has gotten really quiet…

The title of the episode is a take on the hit horror film, 28 Days Later.

This Day in Space History – August 12th, 1977 – First Free Shuttle Approach & Landing Flight

A spaceship named Enterprise had its first free flight as part of testing for the Space Shuttle on this day in history.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise was used for a series of Approach & Landing tests to give astronauts and NASA researchers a chance to evaluate how the ship called the “flying brick” would glide to a landing upon returning from space. The first free flight would take place on August 12th, 1977.

shuttle approach and landing test

Courtesy: NASA

The Enterprise was taken into the skies attached to a specially-modified Boeing 747 jet. It then detached from the jet. The first flight had a nosecone covering where the engines would be and would land on a lakebed instead of a normal runway.

Fred Haise Jr. and C. Gordon Fullerton were the crew of the first flight. The orbiter achieved speeds of over 300 hours on a successful mission.

Four more free flights would take place, before the shuttle Columbia became the first shuttle to fly into space years later.

This Day in Space History – August 12th, 1960 – Echo 1A Communications Balloon Launched

On August 12, 1960, the Echo 1-A Communications Satellite was launched, becoming one of the very first satellites used to send and receive transmissions from Earth.

Unlike modern communications satellite, the Echo satellites could only reflect signals instead of processing and re-sending them.

echo 1

Courtesy: NASA

This was achieved through the fact that the Echo satellites were a giant balloon of Mylar, measuring 100 feet across.

Due to its high reflectivity and size, the Echo 1A was easily visible to the naked eye when it was still in orbit. The satellite lasted nearly 8 years before burning up on re-entry in May of 1968.

A second satellite, Echo 2, was launched in 1964. It burned up in 1969 and was the last of its kind.

This Day in Video Game History – August 12th, 2002 – Beach Spikers Released for Nintendo GameCube

A beach volleyball video game from Sega was released fifteen years ago today.

Beach Spikers, developed by AM2 and published by Sega, was released exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube in North America on August 12th, 2002. It was based on an arcade game released the previous year.

beach spikers gamecube game

Courtesy: SEGA

The game is a beach volleyball game, where players control a team of two female beach volleyball athletes against their opponents. The game features an arcade mode as well as a career-minded World Tour mode, somewhat similar to Virtua Tennis, another Sega arcade-minded sports franchise.

This Day in TV History – August 6th, 2016 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s “The Cart Before the Ponies” Airs

It’s off the derpy–I mean–derby races in an episode that aired one year ago today.

“The Cart Before the Ponies” is the 14th episode of the 6th season of the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Written by Ed Valentine (with story by Valentine and Mike Vogel), it first aired on Discovery Family on August 6th, 2016.

mlp cart before the ponies

Courtesy: Hasbro / DHX Studios

It’s time for the annual Applewood Derby, where students in Ms. Cheerilee’s class get to design, build, and race soapboax carts around Ponyville. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are excited about the chance to show their creativity and skills, and enlist their older sisters (or in Scootaloo’s case, the pony she looks up to, Rainbow Dash) to help. But, the older ponies end up taking over the project–much to the dissatisfaction of the younger fillies!

The episode includes a song, “Derby Racers,” performed by Ashleigh Ball, Kazumi Evans, Michelle Creber, Claire Corlett, and Maddy Peters. The lyrics are by Ed Valentine and Daniel Ingram, with music by Ingram.

This Day in TV History – July 28th, 1997 – Johnny Bravo’s “Date With An Antelope” Airs

Internet dating leads to an unexpected pairing in a short episode of Johnny Bravo that aired on this day in television history.

johnny bravo antelope

Courtesy: Warner Bros. / Cartoon Network

“Date with an Antelope” is a normal-length short from the first season of the Johnny Bravo animated series. Written by Seth MacFarlane, it first aired on July 28th, 1997.

In the episode, Johnny Bravo, always eager for a date turns to the internet. He finds a match, a match that happens to be an antelope!

Seth MacFarlane is best known for creating series such as Family Guy and movies such as TED.

This Day in TV History – July 24th, 2007 – Spongebob Squarepants’ “Squid Wood” Airs

Spongebob makes his own Squidward in an episode that aired on this day in television history.

squid wood

Courtesy: Nickelodeon / Viacom

“Squid Wood” is a normal length Spongebob Squarepants short from the show’s fourth season. It first aired on July 24th, 2007 and was written by Casey Alexander, Chris Mitchell and Dani Michaeli.

In the episode, Squidward refuses to spend time with Spongebob no matter what, so Spongebob makes his own wooden Squidward puppet–one that becomes more loved than the real Squidward!