This Day in Video Game History – May 29th, 2007 – Mario Party 8 Released

It was part of a long-running, popular series known for multiplayer mayhem, and the first installment for Nintendo’s popular Wii system was released on this day in history.

mario party 8

The concept of Mario Party is simple—four players as popular Mario characters traverse a board, completing for the greatest number of stars and coins, and earning the coins by competing in competitive (and occasionally cooperative) minigames.

Mario Party 8 featured new boards and over 70 minigames of different kinds. Some examples include Punch-a-Bunch, where players compete to be the first to demolish a statue of Bowser; Shake it Up, where players shake their remote the fastest to make a can of soda spew the highest; and Grabby Gridiron, a 2-on-2 Mario spin on American football.

The game was a success for Nintendo, and would sell over 7.5 million copies, putting it in the top ten of games sold during the Wii’s lifetime.

Mario Party 9, which would change the style of gameplay in the series, would be released later in the Wii’s life cycle.


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