History of the Summer Olympics – II Olympiad (1900)

With the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics this month, all throughout August, I will looking back at the history of the modern Olympic Games.

1900 summer olympics

The 2nd Summer Olympiad was hosted in Paris, France in 1900. Courtesy: International Olympic Committee

The 2nd Summer Olympiad, hosted in Paris, were unusual in several ways. Most notably, the games were spread across several months–from May through October. This was to integrate it into part of the 1900 World’s Fair. No opening or closing ceremonies were held.

The sports that were competed were different as well. Weightlifting and wrestling were not a part of these games, but football (soccer), cricket, tug-of-war, and rugby union were added, among others.

No gold medals were given at the time of the games. Instead, there were only silver (1st) and bronze (2nd). But, later on, the Olympic Committee fixed it to gold, silver, and bronze. Host nation France led the overall medal count with just over 100, with the USA in second.


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