Today in Space History – August 6th, 1961 – Vostok 2 Launched

The second Soviet manned flight into space was launched into space 56 years ago today.

Vostok 2 was launched by the Soviet Union into space on August 6th, 1961.

vostok 2

Vostok 2 was the second manned Soviet flight into space. Courtesy: RSA / NASA

The single-man flight carried Gherman Titov into orbit around the earth onboard the Vostok spacecraft, following the history-making flight of Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1.

Titov spent over a day in space, orbiting the planet over 17 times, a record that would hold for nearly two years before the final Mercury flight in May of 1963.

Aside from some minor technical issues, the flight was another major success for the Soviet Union in the early days of the space race.



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