This Day in Space History – August 7th, 1969 – Zond 7 Launched

A mission that was part of a test flight for the Soviet Union’s failed manned moon program was launched on this day in history.

Zond 7 was an unmanned mission launched by the Soviets on August 7th, 1969. Aside from being a test of the L1 program that was an attempt at a competitor to America’s Apollo, it would also take scientific data and photographs as it traveled to the moon and back to Earth.

zond 7 photo

This photo of Earth & The Moon was taken by Zond 7. Courtesy: RSA / NASA

It would be the only successful flight in the program, and the re-entry capsule successfully returned to Earth a week later. However, the Soviet L1 program would not ever launch a man into space, much less to the Moon.


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