This Day in Movie History – October 17th, 1967 – Disney’s The Jungle Book Released

An animated adaption of a classic tale of a young boy being raised by animals of the jungle was released on this day in history.


The poster highlights the colorful cast of characters from the Disney classic. Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

The Jungle Book from Walt Disney Productions was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and produced by Walt Disney. Based on the story of the same name by Rudyard Kipling, it was first released in theaters on October 18th, 1967.

The story, which does a lighter take of the story by Kipling, follows Mowgli. He is taken in by the animals of the jungle and raised. When they later on plan to take him back, Mowgli doesn’t want to go and befriends the upbeat bear named Baloo in the process. Meanwhile, he must face the threat of a python and a man-eating tiger.

The film features the voice talents of Bruce Reitherman, Phil Harris, Louis Prima, George Sanders, Ben Wright and Clint Howard, among others. The 19th animated feature film from the legendary company, The Jungle Book was a hit in its year of release and remains in high regard to this day. It is well known for its musical numbers, such as the familiar “Bear Necessities.”

Many characters, albeit modernized versions thereof, appeared in the beloved 1990s Disney Afternoon series, TaleSpin. The film has since inspired a pair of live-action remakes as well, including one released earlier this year featuring many of the songs of the original.


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