This Day in Movie History – November 8th, 1973 – Disney’s Robin Hood Released in Theaters

A unique spin on the classic tale of Robin Hood was released in theaters on this day in animation history.


Disney’s animated adaptation of “Robin Hood” featured a fox as the titular character. Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney’s Robin Hood is the 21st animated feature film from the copy. Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, it was released in theaters across North American on November 8th, 1973. It features the voice talents of Brian Bedford, Phil Harris, Carole Shelley, Peter Ustinov, Andy Devine, and others.

Like many adaptations of the tale, Disney’s Robin Hood tells the tale of the hero of Sherwood Forest who, with his Merry Men, fights against Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. What makes the Disney version so unique is that the characters are not human, but instead antromprophic in nature. Robin Hood is a Fox, Little John is a Bear, and the Sheriff of Nottingham is a wolf.

The film, upon its release in 1973, was the most successful Disney animated feature to date—grossing 32 million on a 5 million budget. It has since been released several times on home video—from VHS to DVD and more.


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