This Day in Television History – November 10th, 1999 – Star Trek: Voyager’s “Dragon’s Teeth” Airs

Voyager lands on a planet they believe is dead, but holds the survivors of a civilization from nearly a millennia ago.


Voyager lands on a planet devastated by conflict. Courtesy: Paramount / CBS / Viacom

“Dragon’s Teeth” is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Star Trek: Voyager. Written by Michael Taylor and Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky, and directed by Winrich Kolbe, it first aired on UPN on November 10th, 1999.

In the episode, Voyager is brought into an unusual corridor in space. Aliens who claim that corridor try to attack Voyager, who is forced to escape to what is believed to be a planet devastated by war. While investigating the seemingly-dead planet, they find frozen survivors of the civilization, one of whom Seven of Nine awakens. Now, the two groups try to find a way to work together to defeat the aliens and rebuild the civilization, but is there more to these survivors than it seems?


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