This Day in Video Game History – December 6th, 2004 – Mario Party 6 Released for Nintendo GameCube

The sixth main console installment in the popular Mario multiplayer franchise was released on this day in history.

Mario Party 6, developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo, was released in North America  on December 6th, 2004 exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube.


There are many more than six characters AND six mini-games in the sixth Mario Party! Courtesy: Nintendo

Like other games in the enduring Mario Party series, the goal of players is to traverse a board based on settings from the Super Mario Bros. universe. The player’s main aim is to collect stars. Stars typically cost money, and so the player must earn coins by winning at mini-games that take place throughout the overarching game. There are also board obstacles, items, and other board events and happenings that can affect and alter the flow of play. Unique to Mario Party 6, there are days and nights on boards, which can cause spaces to move and new mini-games to appear, among other alterations.

Mario Party 6 introduced games using the Nintendo GameCube mic, which was bundled in with some copies of the game. These used voice commands or sounds to play. These games be turned off should the player prefer not to use them or simply not have a mic available. Toadette was also a playable Mario Party character for the first time in this game, which included over 80 all-new mini-games.

Like other games in the series, Mario Party 6 was a success, selling well over a million copies. One more Mario Party game would come for the system, Mario Party 7.


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