This Day in Movie History – December 15th, 1995 – Jumanji Released

A board game comes to life in a film released on this day in history.

Jumanji is written by Greg Taylor, Jonathan Hensleigh, and Jim Strain and directed by Joe Johnston. Based on the children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, it was released in theaters on December 15th, 1995.


Animals on the loose! Courtesy: Columbia TriStar

In the film, a boy becomes trapped in a mystical board game. Over two decades later, he is released by two more kids. But, as he gets his freedom, so do a bunch of wild animals that wreak havoc in modern times. Now, this boy must recover from being trapped for decades and finish the game he started back in the late 1960s.

The movie stars Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kristen Dunst, Bebe Neuwirth, and David Alan Grier. It made an estimated $260 million on a budget of about $65 million. It was well-known for its special effects, which mixed animatronics with computer-generated graphics.

A remake/reboot is being produced for a 2017 release, set to star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Karen Gillan.


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