This Day in TV History – January 23, 2004 – Dave the Barbarian Premieres

Created by Doug Langdale of Eek! The Cat fame, Dave the Barbarian would be a unique animated series from Disney that began on this day in entertainment history.


Bejabbers! Courtesy: Disney

Dave the Barbarian first aired on the Disney Channel on January 23rd, 2004. The series was set in the fictional kingdom of Udragoth and starred Dave, a barbarian who scared easily and enjoyed crafts. The other members of the cast included Princess Candy, Fang (who is NOT a Monkey) and many more. They often faced quirky villains, including The Dark Lord, Chuckles The Silly Piggy.

The series was animated in traditional 2D style and featured some writing and voice talent from previous hit animated series such as Animaniacs. The show often had fourth-wall shattering humor, puns, references and more at a fast and furious pace.

The series aired 21 episodes through 2005.


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