This Day in Movie History – January 25th, 2002 – Kung Pow! Enter the Fist Released

A retro martial arts movie with a comedy-themed dub was released 15 years ago today.

Kung Pow! Enter The First was released in theaters on January 25th, 2002. The film was actually at 1970s martial arts film named Tiger and Crane Fist given a gag rewrite and dubbing, following a script by writer, voice actor and director Steve Oedekerk.


Sing it with me! “Na na na na…NEO…na na na na na… SPORIN!” (Courtesy: 20th Century FOX)

In the gag dub of the film, The Chosen One seeks out the guidance of Master Tang who must battle the evil Master Pain, or Betty.

The gag dub features fourth-wall-breaking jokes, anachronistic jokes involving product placement and other pop culture references, parody dialogue and more. In some cases, Oedekerk’s character is added visually in scenes.


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