This Day in Television History – January 25th, 1988 – Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Angel One” Airs

The crew attempts to rescue members of a lost vessel on a planet where women hold the power in an episode that aired on this day in history.

“Angel One” is the fourteenth episode of the 1st season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Written by Patrick Barry and directed by Michael Rhodes, it first aired in syndication on January 25th, 1988.


“What did you say about our clothes? They’re the latest style on this world!” Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

In the episode, the crew arrives at the planet Angel One to search for survivors of a Federation starship named the Odin lost years ago. As the away team negotiates with the female leadership of the planet, a virus begins to sweep through the orbiting Enterprise. All this, as a threat looms to the Federation further out in space.

The main guest star of the episode, Beata, is played by Karen Montgomery. A matte painting of one of the cities of Angel One would later be reused–in some form or another and sometimes with modifications–throughout the run of the series.


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