This Day in Television History – February 6th, 1998 – Power Rangers in Space Debuts

The sixth season of Power Rangers, set in outer space for the first time, debuted on this day in television history.

Power Rangers in Space was the sixth season of the Power Rangers franchise that began with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers back in 1993. Power Rangers in Space debuted on February 6th, 1998.


Like its previous seasons, this season built in the storyline and continuity of the previous one, where the former Turbo rangers were seemingly defeated, and Zordon captured. Despite the loss of their powers, four of them blast off into space in search of their lost mentor.

The series, like its other seasons, was adapted from the long-running Japanese “Super Sentai” series. This season’s footage and props came from Denji Sentai Megaranger. Power Rangers in Space would last 43 episodes, following the adventures of this team of rangers, with some new additions along the way, through its conclusion in November of the same year.

Power Rangers in Space would be the final Power Rangers season to follow directly from the previous one. After this one, each new season would start off with a new cast and storyline, although references and sometimes appearances based on previous seasons continue to this day in the ever-expanding franchise.


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