This Day in TV History – February 7th, 1993 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Q-Less” Airs

A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode featuring an appearance by a recurring nemesis of another Star Trek crew first aired on this day in television history.

“Q-Less” was the 7th episode of the 1st season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It aired on February 7th, 1993. The episode was written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe, with story by Hannah Louise Shearer.


Q taunts the latest Starfleet Commander he’s encountered thus far. Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

A runabout, a small vessel used by the station, is experiencing power problems when it returns from the Gamma Quadrant. The crew and another human passenger, Vash, is rescued. Unusually, she is a human who was in the Gamma Quadrant before the wormhole near Deep Space Nine connecting Federation space to it was discovered. When the space station begins to experience the same power problems, a former Enterprise crew member spots Q, a self-proclaimed omnipotent being. Is he to blame for this situation, or does this threat have another cause?

Q, known for his recurring appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is once again played by John de Lancie. Although Q would not appear on Deep Space Nine again, he would appear in a trio of Star Trek: Voyager episodes. The human rescued in the episode was Vash, who appeared in a pair of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, played by Jennifer Hetrick.


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