This Day in Television History – February 8th, 1967 – Batman 1960s “Batman’s Anniversary” Airs

A celebration of the Caped Crusdader leads to a criminal plot by one of Batman’s most dastardly foes.

“Batman’s Anniversary” is the 79th episode of Batman series starring Adam West, airing in the latter half of the second season of the series. The episode is written by Stanford Sherman and directed by James Clark.


As was the tradition in the series, scenes focusing on villains were mostly shot with “dutch angles.” Courtesy: Warner Bros. / 20th Century FOX / DC Comics

In the episode, the Riddler crashes the party celebrating Batman and Robin’s good deeds for the city, and the Dynamic Duo must face off once again in the riddles and clues led by the conundrum-creating criminal.

As opposed the usual role of the Riddler played by Frank Gorshin, in this episode, he is played by Addams Family star John Astin. The episode is immediately concluded the next day in 1967 by “A Ridding Controversy.”


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