This Day in TV History – February 15th , 2014 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s “Filli Vanilli” Airs

An episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where Fluttershy secretly fills in as the voice of a singer who’s lost his voice first aired on this day three years ago.

“Filli Vanilli” is the 14th episode of the 4th season of the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Written by Amy Keating Rogers, the episode first aired on The Hub network on February 15th, 2014.


The Ponytones perform in “Filli Vanilli.” Courtesy: Hasbro / DHX Media

In the episode, the Ponytones music group is set to perform at a fundraiser event for a pet center, when one of the singers, Big Macintosh, loses his voice. So, Fluttershy, with the deep voice once given to her by the Poison Joke, volunteers to lip sync in secret to save the fundraiser. But, she soon finds herself really enjoying singing, as long as no one sees her.

The episode’s song, Find the Music in You, was composed by Daniel Ingram along with Caleb Chan and Trevor Hoffman. It consisted of several singers during its various versions in the episode including Peter New, Andrea Libman, Kazumi Evans, Jerrica Santos and Marcus Mosley.

The title of the episode references the late-80s early-90s pop group, Milli Vanilli, a group that was later connected with lip syncing.


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