This Day in Television History – March 6th, 1999 – Pokémon Anime’s A Chancey Operation” Airs

What do our heroes do when there’s not a Pokémon Center nearby? Head to a hospital for humans!

pokemon a chansey operation

The doctor, Chansey, and the gang care for an injured Cubone. Courtesy: The Pokemon Company / 4Kids / VIZ Media / Nintendo

“A Chancey Operation” is the 47th episode of the Pokémon animated series to air in the United States, airing in syndication on March 6th, 1999.

In the episode, Pikachu begins to choke on a apple, so Ash and his friends rush it to a Pokémon Center, which treats Pokémon. But, without nearby, they are force to go to a doctor for humans for treatment. But, after Pikachu is treated, the doctor finds his hands full with a nearby traffic accident, so Ash and the gang offer to help–even Team Rocket, too! (Or are they?)



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