This Day in Movie History – March 7th, 1997 – Jungle 2 Jungle Released in Theaters

An English remake of a French film about a busy businessman finding out he has a son raised in a distant tribe was released on this day in history.

Jungle 2 Jungle was written by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon, and was directed by John Pasquin. Released in theaters on March 7th, 1997, it was a remake of French film from three years earlier called Little Indian, Big City.

jungle 2 jungle

Courtesy: Disney / Buena Vista Pictures

In the film, Tim Allen plays a busy businessman in New York who is finalizing a divorce, when he finds out he has an adolescent son raised in a South American tribe. So, this leads to the father trying to connect with son, who in turn tries to fit in with the modern world.

The film also stars Martin Short, David Ogden Stiers, JoBeth Williams, Sam Huntginton, and Leelee Sobieski. Jungle 2 Jungle was a mild success, despite being critic Gene Siskel’s pick for the worst of 1997. It made about 60 million on a budget estimated to be just over 32 million dollars.


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