This Day in TV History – March 10th, 1998 – The Price is Right’s “Line ‘Em Up” Debuts

A pricing game where a contestant must line up prices of both small prizes and a car to win made its debut on this day in television history.

line em up

How the game Line Em Up looks in the Drew Carey era of the show. Courtesy: FreMantle Media / CBS

Line ‘Em Up is a pricing game that made its debut on The Price is Right on March 10th, 1998.

In the game, the contestant is shown three small prizes, as well as a car. They are given the first and last numbers of the car, but must use the numbers of the small prizes to correctly fill in the middle three numbers of the car. If the first attempt is not successful, they are told how many numbers are right and given a second chance. If they are correct, they win the prizes and the car.

The game continues to be played on the gameshow to this day.


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