This Day in Movie History – March 11th, 2011 – Mars Needs Moms Released in Theaters

An animated Disney feature that would go on to become a notorious flop was released on this day in television history.

Mars Needs Moms, based on a story by Berkeley Breathed, was written by Simon and Wendy Wells and directed by Simon Wells. It was released in theaters on March 11th, 2011.

mars needs moms

Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

In the film, a young boy has a disagreement with his Mom, just before she is captured by Martians! He stows aboard the ship and finds himself on the Red Planet, where he teams up with another human male stranded there to try to rescue her.

The film featured motion-capture as a basis for the computer animation used in the film. Mars Needs Moms starred Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Mindy Sterling, and Joan Cusack. It would go on to be a massive failure at the box office, making just under $40 million on a budget estimated to be around $150 million.



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