This Day in Television History – March 11th, 1996 – $uper $aver Pricing Game on The Price is Right Played for the Last Time

A pricing game where a contestant tries to save money while picking groceries had its final playing on this day in television history.

$uper $aver made its final playing on March 11th, 1996, after being on the American gameshow The Price is Right since 1989.

super saver pricing game

How the $uper $aver prop looked on the turntable. Courtesy: Fremantle Media / CBS

In the game, a contestant is called to the turntable with six grocery items. Five are priced below what they really cost, one is more. The goal is to save at least a dollar by picking four items that save the most money, hence the name of the game, $uper $aver.

Sometimes, the display of the game would glitch a bit, causing it to say Wink or Losk instead of Win! or Lose.


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