This Day in Movie History – March 12th, 1999 – Baby Geniuses Released

A film considered among one of the worst released in the year of 1999 came out on this day in history.

Baby Geniuses, written by Bob Clark and Greg Michael (with story by Clark, Steven Paul, Francisca Matos, Robert Grasmere) and directed by Clark, was released in theaters on March 12th, 1999.

baby genuises movie poster

Courtesy: TriStar Pictures

In the film, “baby talk” is a special language that allows infants to communicate before they grow up. Adult scientists are trying to crack the code, but one of the babies who knows the most escapes!

It stars Kathleen Turner, Christoper Lloyd, Kim Cattrall, Peter MacNicol, and Dom DeLuise.

The film, reportedly the first to use CGI to manipulate speech in a live-action feature, uses technology to make the babies mouths moves. On a small budget of $12 million, Baby Geniuses made $36.5 million at the box office. It has a notoriously bad reputation, with an average of 2.6 on the Internet Movie Database, with over 20,000 votes.

Despite that reception, the film has had several sequels, some considered even worse by critics and viewers than the original.