This Day in Space History – March 13th, 1989 – STS-29 Shuttle Mission Launched

A shuttle mission that took a satellite into space was launched on this day in space history.

STS-29 was a shuttle mission featuring the orbiter Discovery that was launched on March 13th, 1989.

sts 29 patchCourtesy: NASA

The crew included 5 members: Commander Michael Coats, Pilot John Blaha and three mission specialists–Robert Springer, James Buchlim and James Bagian.

The main goal of the 4+ day mission was to launch the TDRS-4 satellite into orbit. The TDRS, or Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System, is used by the government to communicate with other satellites, aircraft, the space station, and even bases on the South Pole. This particualar satellite lasted until deactivation late in 2011.

Other experiments involving chicken eggs and crystal growth took place onboard. Also, an IMAX camera was used to film some scenes for the Blue Planet feature.

The Discovery safely landed on the 18th of March back on Earth.


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