This Day in TV History – March 14th, 1993 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Move Along Home” Airs

A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode where an alien race visits the station, but just wants to play games first aired on this day in television history.

ds9 move along home

The crew tries to figure out the first puzzle in the Wadi game! Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

“Move Along Home” is the 10th episode of the 1st season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Written by Frederick Rappaport, Lisa Rich and Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci (with story by Michael Piller), it first aired in syndication on March 14th, 1993.

In the episode, the crew of the station are excited about the arrival of a delegation of an alien race from the Gamma Quadrant. But, when the Wadi arrive, they immediately want to play games. When they bore of the games at Quark’s, they bring out a game of their own–just as Commander Sisko, Major Kira, Dr. Bashir and Lt. Dax seemingly vanish. Now, it seems like the game–and the crew–is in Quark’s hands as he plays the game!


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