This Day in Television History – March 23rd, 1991 – Clarissa Explains it All Debuts

A comedy series about a teenage girl’s adventures of growing up made its debut on this day in television history.

Clarissa Explains it All, created by Mitchell Kriegman, made its debut on the Nickelodeon network on March 23rd, 1991.

clarissa explains it all

Courtesy: Nickelodeon / CBS TV

The series starred Melissa Joan Hart as the title character, Clarissa Darling, as a teenage girl growing up and facing adventures in life, love, school, and more. The comedy series also had Clarissa breaking the fourth wall and speaking her thoughts to the audience. It also starred Jason Zimbler, Elizabeth Hess, and Sean O’Neal.

The series would last 65 episodes through 1994. The first season was released on DVD, but the rest of the series has not been released as of the publication of this article.


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