This Day in Television History – March 29th, 2014 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s “Leap of Faith” Airs

The Flim-Flam Brothers make their return, and this time promising a healing tonic, in an episode that aired 3 years ago today.

leap of faith

Granny Smith is SOLD on the curative tonic offered by the Flim Flam Brothers! Courtesy: Hasbro / DHX Media

“Leap of Faith” is the 20th episode of the 4th season of the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Written by Josh Haber, it first aired on the Hub Network on March 29th, 2014.

In the episode, Applejack is surprised to see that the Flim Flam Brothers have returned to Ponyville. Instead of trying to compete on the Apple Cider market, this time they are shilling a tonic that can cure all that ail’s you! Granny Smith buys some and seems to feel better and younger, swimming for the firs time in a while. Applejack vows to get to the bottom of it, not believing them for a second.

This is Applejack’s “key” episode of the season, where each of the Mane 6 get an item that would eventually help to unlock a special box in the season finale, “Twilight’s Kingdom.” The Flim Flam Brothers would return again in a couple of future episodes later on.


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