This Day in Television History – April 1st, 1960 – Last Episode Featuring the I Love Lucy Cast Airs

The final television episode featuring the Ricardos and Mertzes from I Love Lucy aired on this day in history.

“Lucy Meets the Mustache” is the 13th and final episode of the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Written by Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf and directed by Desi Arnaz, it aired on April 1st, 1960.


Lucy’s close shave with Ernie Kovacs. Courtesy: Paramount / CBS

In the episode, the Ricardos (mainly Lucy) are thrilled that comedian Ernie Kovacs (as himself) has moved in next door. Lucy hopes this will be a chance to get her depressed husband back on TV. But, a misunderstanding leads her to think he’ll get the TV gig, when Ernie actually wants her son to be TV! But, her attempts to change his mind lead to hijinx that make Ernie not want to be around her at all!

The hour-long episode marks the final appearance of the Lucy Ricardo character, along with the core four cast of I Love Lucy being together. Following this episode, the real-life couple of Lucy and Desi were divorced. But, Lucy would make a comeback as Lucy Cunningham in the very successful The Lucy Show two years later in 1962.


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