This Day in Television History – April 19th, 1997 – Power Rangers Turbo Airs

The fifth season of Power Rangers, featuring a car theme and many changes, made its debut 20 years ago today.

power rangers turbo

Courtesy: BvS Entertainment / 20th Century Fox/ Shout! Factory

Power Rangers Turbo is the fifth season of the enduring Power Rangers action franchise, and the third Power Rangers series with its own name. Its props, costumes, and action footage is based on the Japanese Super Sentai series, Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

This season, with the Machine Empire defeated, the Rangers face a new threat in the form of the space pirate, Divatox. With a penance for timed explosives and hidden away in a submarine, she and her followers threaten the Rangers, Angel Grove, and the world.

The season marked many major changes for the franchise. First was the introduction of the series’ first child ranger, Justin. He is the Blue Ranger. The long-running mentor Zordon and his assistant, Alpha-5, are replaced by the rhyming Dimitria and her robot assistant, Alpha-6. Halfway through the run of the series, the remaining Rangers from previous seasons of the show are replaced by a new trio of rangers. This means that Turbo is the first season with no main cast from the previous, unlike the last 4.

Power Rangers Turbo lasted 45 episodes, and ended with a cliffhanger ending, going directly into the next season, Power Rangers in Space.


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