This Day in Space History – April 24th, 1990 – Hubble Space Telescope Launched

A space telescope that has snapped numerous pictures of space and made countless discoveries was launched on this day in history.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery’s STS-31 mission on April 24th, 1990.


Courtesy: NASA

The unmanned space observatory, which could see deep into the universe without the interference of Earth’s atmosphere, was launched with a flawed mirror. Three years after launch, that mirror was corrected in the first of several servicing missions by space shuttle crews.

The Hubble has helped to explore the Moon, the other planets of the solar system, distant stars and galaxies and much more.

Despite being active for nearly three decades, Hubble continues to return a massive amount of data and photos of stellar phenomena. It could remain active for at least several more years. It’s successor, the James Webb telescope, is set to launch next year.


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