This Day in Video Game History: May 13th, 1996 – Super Mario RPG Released in US

Nintendo’s legendary characters and Square’s renowned RPG skills were teamed up for a video game released on this day in history.

super mario rpg

Courtesy: Nintendo

Mario, the plumber character from Nintendo, was massively popular after big games like Super Mario Brothers. Square was a company known for successful role-playing games, including the Final Fantasy franchise.

The two came together in a unique role-playing game called Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars that was released on May 13, 1996 in the United States.

In the game, Mario begins a fight against Bowser as usual, but most travel through the land gathering the pieces of Star Road to defeat an even greater foe. Along the way, Mario gains experience and teams up with other characters that the player can control.

The game is beloved by many fans for its graphics, gameplay, writing and soundtrack. It was later re-released for purchase on the Wii virtual console.

New Mario RPGs would continue in a pair of separate series—Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi.


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