This Day in Television History – May 16th, 1993 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “If Wishes Were Horses” Airs

Imaginations run wild on the space station in an episode that aired on this day in television history.

“If Wishes Were Horses” is the 16th episode of the 1st season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Written by Nell McCue Crawford, William L. Crawford, and Michael Piller, it first aired in syndication on May 16th, 1993.

ds9 if wishes were horses

Odo encounters an unusual creature on the Promenade. Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

In the episode, it seems that the imagination of the crew of Deep Space Nine is coming to life: a fairy tale character for the O’Briens, a baseball star from the past for Sisko, an amorous Lt. Dax for Dr. Bashir, and more. But, is there also a threat that could destroy the station?

The character of Buck Bokai expands on both Commander Sisko’s love of the game, and the established continuity that it had faded out as a sport by the mid-21st century.  And, a baseball that would be a prop for the rest of the series was given to Sisko by Bokai in the episode.


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