This Day in TV History – May 26th, 2004 – Star Trek: Enterprise’s “Zero Hour” Airs

It’s the final battle for Earth between humanity and its allies and the Xindi in an episode of Enterprise that aired on this day in television history.

“Zero Hour” is the final episode of the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise. Written by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, it first aired on UPN on May 26th, 2004.

enterprise zero hour

The Xindi superweapon approaches its target: Earth. Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

The episode continues the event of the storyline of the entire third season, as the crew of Enterprise work to stop a weapon made by the Xindi that could destroy Earth. This episode features the final battle for humanity’s survival.

The episode ends with a twist cliffhanger that would lead into the show’s fourth and final season.


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