Classic Nintendo Entertainment System Games of July: High Speed

A video game based on an actual pinball table was released for the original Nintendo on this month in history.

High Speed, developed by Rare and published by Tradewest, was released for the NES in the US in July of 1991.

high speed box

Courtesy: Tradewest / Rare / Williams

It was based on an actual Williams pinball table released in arcades in 1986. Both the physical table and its digital adaptation are based around the theme of a high-speed police chase with the goal of earning the most points. The video game includes some mini-games as well.

A sequel based on the second High Speed table, The Getaway, would be released for the Game Boy.

PERSONAL NOTE: On a personal note, I rented this game many times as a kid from my local Drug store and played it often with my parents. It was a very fun time and a great memory, and we still talk about this game every so often to this day. If I had a working NES still, I’d love to have this game. Too bad there was never a virtual console release.


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