This Day in TV History – February 4th, 2011 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s “Suited for Success” Airs

An episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic involving the “Art of The Dress” first aired on this day in television history.

art of the dress

Courtesy: DHX Media / Hasbro

“Suited for Success” first aired on The Hub network on February 4th, 2011. The episode, the 14th of the first season, was written by Charlotte Fullerton.

In the episode, with the anticipated “Grand Galloping Gala” fast approaching, dress shop owner Rarity offers to help improve the dresses of her friends. But, she soon finds their increasingly-specific demands have left her questioning her decision, and those of her friends.

The episode continues the plotline of the “Grand Galloping Gala” first established in “The Ticket Master” and would continue in the first season’s finale.

“Art of the Dress” is an original song that is featured in this episode, along with a reprise. The song was composed by Daniel Ingram, with Rarity’s singing voice provided by Kazumi Evans.


This Day in Gaming History – February 4th, 2000 – The Sims Computer Game Released

It was a video game with a seemingly-mundane concept—manipulate and control the everyday lives of characters. But, following its release on PC on February 4th, 2000, The Sims would become a massive hit.

the sims

Courtesy: Maxis / EA

Will Wright had previously created other “Sim” or simulation game, where the player can control simulation elements of a particular kind. SimCity was a massive hit, where a player could control and manipulate an entire town or city.

Wright’s The Sims allows a player to design a character (or set of characters) and a house and then take that character through life. The character has several attributes that need to be maintained such as hygiene, hunger, bladder and creativity. The character is not fully automated, and its actions must be manipulated or controlled by the player.

Sims can also interact with other Sims, as friends, as romantic partners, and even as enemies.

The game became a massive hit, not only with traditional games, but a broader demographic and audience. The Sims had many expansion packs with new elements.

Originally released for computers, it was later released with unique elements for home video game consoles. Sequels with new features and enhanced graphics have been released over the past few years, the latest of those being Sims 4.

This Day in TV History – January 30, 1988 – Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Unnatural Selection” Airs

An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the crew must work to uncover the secrets of a disease that causes rapid aging aired 30 years ago today.

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Unnatural Selection” was the seventh episode of the second season of the show. Originally airing in syndication on January 30th, 1988, it was written by John Mason and Mike Gray.

star trek tng unnatural selection

Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

In the episode, the crew encounters a Federation ship where all the crew seems to have died of old age. Tracing their last path back to a colony of genetically-enhanced children, Dr. Katherine Pulaski finds herself infected as she and the crew work to try to discover the origin of the mysterious ailment.

This Day in Television History – January 30th, 1994 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Armageddon Game” Airs

Have two of Deep Space Nine’s crewmembers been killed? That’s what the rest of crew have to discover in an episode that aired on this day in television history.

ds9 armageddon game

Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

“Armageddon Game” is the 13th episode of the 2nd season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Written by Morgan Gendel and directed by Winrich Kolbe, it first aired in syndication on January 30th, 1994.

In the episode, Chief O’Brien and Dr. Bashir are at a space station around an alien planet, helping two races eliminate deadly biological weapons. But, a surprise attack happens, forcing the two down to the planet, and infecting Chief O’Brien. Meanwhile, the aliens claim to the rest of Deep Space Nine’s crew that the two died in accident.

Rosalind Chao plays her recurring role as Keiko O’Brien in the episode.

This Day in Video Game History – January 24th, 2000 – Mario Party 2 Released For Nintendo 64

The sequel to a smash-hit multiplayer video game to the Nintendo 64 was released on this day in history.

Developed by Hudson Soft, Mario Party 2 was the sequel to the original Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. The second in the series was released in the United States on January 24, 2000.

mario party 2

Courtesy: HudsonSoft / Nintendo

The basic concept of the game remained the same. Players would select an iconic character from the Mario Bros. franchise and guide them across a board. The goal–collect the most “stars,” which were mainly purchased by coins. Each turn, players had the chance to gain (and lose) coins through a variety of competitive (and occasionally cooperative) mini-games. The franchise has been lauded by fans for its multiplayer, especially where four players are involved.

Mario Party 2 included a variety of new mini-games as well as new versions of popular games from the first one. It also introduced new items to be used during the game, new spaces that helped influence the outcome of a game as well as a variety of new boards, modes, and other features.

This particular installment was later released on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console service.

This Day in TV History – January 24, 1993 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “Babel” Airs

A Star Trek episode involving a mysterious condition that makes people speak what seems like gibberish aired on this day in television history.

star trek ds9 babel

Words get mixed up thanks to a mysterious virus. Courtesy: Paramount / Viacom / CBS

“Babel” was the fifth episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s first season. Written by Michael McGreevey and Naren Shankar (story by Sally Caves and Ira Steven Behr), it aired in syndication on January 24, 1993.

In the episode, one-by-one, the crew of the space station succumbs to a mysterious condition that makes them appear to speak nonsense, and be unable to comprehend words. As more of the station falls ill, it’s up to Major Kira to try to find someone who could help solve the increasingly-desperate situation.

Today in TV History – November 5th, 1993 – Animaniacs’ “Katie Ka-Boo” Airs

Another of one Animaniacs’ many colorful characters debuted on this day in television history.

“Katie Ka-Boo” is a short from the animated series, Animaniacs, that debuted on November 5th, 1993. It was written by Nicholas Hollander and Deanna Oliver.

katie kaboo

Courtesy: Warner Bros.

In the episode, young teenager Katie Ka-Boom, who transforms into a monster when made angry, brings home a new boyfriend. But, it’s not a boy–it’s Chicken Boo!

The episode is the first featuring Katie Ka-Boom, who starred in a variety of shorts throughout the series. It’s also a crossover with another Animaniacs short staple, the chicken who loves disguises–Chicken Boo.