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This Day in TV History – July 28th, 1997 – Johnny Bravo’s “Date With An Antelope” Airs

Internet dating leads to an unexpected pairing in a short episode of Johnny Bravo that aired on this day in television history.

johnny bravo antelope

Courtesy: Warner Bros. / Cartoon Network

“Date with an Antelope” is a normal-length short from the first season of the Johnny Bravo animated series. Written by Seth MacFarlane, it first aired on July 28th, 1997.

In the episode, Johnny Bravo, always eager for a date turns to the internet. He finds a match, a match that happens to be an antelope!

Seth MacFarlane is best known for creating series such as Family Guy and movies such as TED.


This Day in Television History – December 15th, 1997 – Johnny Bravo’s “Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West!” Airs

“Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West!” is a short from the 13th episode of the 1st season of the animated series, Johnny Bravo. Written by Butch Hartman and Seth MacFarlane and directed by Butch Hartman, it first aired on December 15th, 1997.

In the short, Johnny’s mother seemingly goes missing, so when he sees a TV show hosted by Adam West who helps people, he enlists his help to find her.


An unlikely team-up! Courtesy: Warner Bros. / Cartoon Network

Adam West, best known for playing Batman in the 1960s live-action series, voices “himself” in the short. Another short that aired with the same episode featured Johnny meeting another celebrity, Adam West.

Writer Butch Hartman went on to create Fairly OddParents, Seth MacFarlane would later make Family Guy.