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This Day in Video Game History – August 12th, 2002 – Beach Spikers Released for Nintendo GameCube

A beach volleyball video game from Sega was released fifteen years ago today.

Beach Spikers, developed by AM2 and published by Sega, was released exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube in North America on August 12th, 2002. It was based on an arcade game released the previous year.

beach spikers gamecube game

Courtesy: SEGA

The game is a beach volleyball game, where players control a team of two female beach volleyball athletes against their opponents. The game features an arcade mode as well as a career-minded World Tour mode, somewhat similar to Virtua Tennis, another Sega arcade-minded sports franchise.


This Day in Video Game History – May 11th, 1995 – Sega Saturn Video Game Console Released in US

After the high sales of the Genesis video game console, Sega’s next standalone video game console, released on this day in history, was much less successful.

In the early 1990s, the Sega Genesis video game console went head-to-head with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System thanks to franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog and strong third-party support.

sega staurn

The Sega Saturn console, as it appeared in the US. Courtesy: SEGA

While the company released two add-ons for the Genesis, one adding a CD drive and another adding 32-bit technology for higher graphical capability, these were not extremely successful.

To compete with the upcoming Sony Playstation and Ultra 64 (later Nintendo 64), Sega developed the 32-bit Saturn console. It was released with a surprise early launch in May 11th, 1995 for $399.

The Saturn had CD-based games, with the ability to save game data on either a battery or a seperate add-on memory cartridge.

Despite many ports of Sega’s popular arcade titles such as Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter, and Virtua Cop, the sales of the system began to decline by 1997. Eventually, many future titles, including a 3D Sonic platformer, were canceled and the system was abandoned by 1998.

Sega later shifted its focus to the Sega Dreamcast system, which while more successful than the Saturn, eventually folded after a few years. Sega then adopted what they called a “platform agnostic” policy, and published games for previous competitors, like Sony and Nintendo.

Some gamers hold the Saturn in high regard to this day, for its many arcade ports, Sega exclusives like Nights into Dreams, RPGs and more—including some games only released in Japan.

PlusFive – Five Great Video Game Commercials

Aside from my normal blogs involving episodes reviews and other news/coverage related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I’ll be featuring PlusFive, a quick look at a list of five positive things I enjoy from just about anything.

Today’s topic is video game commercials. There are many video game television commercials throughout the decades—from the ones that show off graphics, the odd, the straightforward, and more. Here are a few favorites of mine, mainly on the funny/lighthearted side. They are presented in no particular order:

Super Smash Brothers: Something’s Gone Wrong (N64)

From the use of The Turtles’ Happy Together, to the narration from one of the most iconic trailer narrators, this commercial is just hilarious and well put together. Fun personal fact, this was the first N64 game I played. Before I owned the system, I was out with one of my nephews helping pick a game to rent. This one caught my interest, preventing my nephew from picking his original choice…Superman 64.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – Airhorn (Wii)

There were several viral commercials like this one for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, but this one is my favorite. The escalating “conflict” between Mario and Sonic is great, and as someone who works in TV news, the increasingly-frustrated reporter is hilarious as well. I’m a big Olympics fan, too, and ended up quite enjoying this game as well.

Sega Genesis: Genesis Does! (Genesis)

During the great 16-bit video game war, the two main competitors were Super Nintendo and Genesis. Before the Super Nintendo came out, Sega boasted about how their system was better than the 8-bit Nintendo. The commercial created by a fun jingle while nudging its competitor. On a personal note, the Genesis was my third video game console, after the Atari 2600 and NES.

Wii Would Like to Play! (Wii)

The full version of this commercial based on the Wii’s first advertising campaign had some really catchy music along with a good hook. I had the Wii from launch, and thought this commercial did a good job of showing what the system could offer in a unique fashion.

Crash Bandicoot: Hey Nintendo! (PS1)

Before the first-person-shooter wars, Sony and Nintendo had their own “mascot war” between Crash Bandicoot and Mario. This commercial literally took the battle to Nintendo. I loved the original Crash games, although I owned an N64 before the Playstation. Sadly, the series seemed to fade away after the first few games.

What do you think of these? What video game commercials are your favorite? Leave your thoughts and other commercials in the comments!