This Day in Television History – November 23rd, 1987 – Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Hide and Q” Airs

Commander Riker gains the power of the Q in an episode that aired on this day in television history.

“Hide and Q” is the 10th episode of the 1st season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode was written by C.J. Holland and Gene Roddenberry (with story by Holland) and directed by Cliff Bole. It first aired in syndication on November 23rd, 1987.


Q as Data! Courtesy: Paramount / CBS / Viacom

As the Enterprise-D warps towards a rescue mission, they are stopped by their old nemesis, Q. This time, instead of putting humanity on trial, the seemingly-omnipotent being whisks away the crew for a competition before offering and then giving Commander Riker the power of the Q.

John de Lancie returns for his second portrayal of Q, following the pilot episode of “Encounter at Farpoint.” Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi) does not appear in the episode.


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